8 Common Driving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Car accidents happen all the time and for various reasons. Besides the fact that they can lead to damage to your vehicle, they can also cause injuries and even death. Some individuals may even experience brain injuries. Mississippi sees about 25 motor vehicle deaths per 100,000 people, and even more car accident injuries. Therefore, many victims have to contact a Pascagoula brain injury attorney.

But instead of having to hire an attorney, it’s best to avoid car crashes and to do this, you must drive responsibly. Many drivers make mistakes while on the road – sometimes without even realizing it. That being said, here are the most common driving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Using Indicator Signs

A lot of drivers either don’t use indicator signs or forget about them altogether. Not only will you get a mouthful from the other road participants, but you will also put yourself and others in danger.

Indicator signs tell the other drivers about your intentions. If you do not use them, then those who are behind you will have no idea where you’re planning to go, and sometimes they will have to react quickly to avoid crashing into you or something else.

When you’re about to make a move, use the indicators to inform the other drivers about your plan. After using the indicator and making your move, turn it off.

2. Suddenly Stopping a Car Without a Warning

Have you ever had a car stop abruptly in front of you, forcing you to do the same and making your heart race as a result? It can be very annoying, and it’s a recipe for accidents. Any sudden decision like this can lead to something terrible, so you should always pay attention to the road and stop your car carefully and slowly. The other drivers will then have enough time to react.

3. Using Your Phone

It may be tempting to check your notifications or answer a call while you’re driving. Not only is this illegal in a lot of jurisdictions, but also dangerous. It can cause an accident since you cannot react the same way to what’s on the road, and you may be too distracted.

If you need to use your phone, always stop the car first, and never text while driving.

4. Being an Exhausted Driver

Sometimes, you may be unable to get a good night’s sleep, or you just don’t sleep long enough. As a result, you’re tired the next day when you have to drive to work.

Driving while tired can be very dangerous and even fatal in some cases. About 1.35 million people have been involved in a car crash caused by drowsy driving, according to a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you’re too tired, either get a nap before driving or ask someone else to drive you to your destination.

5. Spending Too Much Time in the Passing/Overtaking Lanes

This is a mistake that too many people do. The lane to the far left is there for passing/overtaking, but a lot of drivers seem to forget this. Instead of moving away and letting another driver pass, they stay there.

So, if you keep driving there instead of overtaking, you are not only blocking the traffic but also breaking the law.

6. Keeping High Beams On

While high beams are very useful at night, they should only be kept on at nighttime, and on roads with no streetlights.

But way too many drivers leave them on when it’s not necessary, distracting and blinding the drivers ahead of them. Always use low beams when you notice another driver’s taillights or headlights in the distance.

7. Not Stopping at Zebra Crossings

Pedestrian crossings are used by pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road. This means you should always stop when you see one. Not all drivers stop, though, and this can not only be inconvenient for pedestrians but also dangerous if someone has already started crossing.

Always stop at pedestrian crossings and turn on your hazard lights to warn the drivers behind you.

8. Turning and Switching Lanes at the Same Time

One of the most dangerous things you can do is switch lanes while turning. It can result in car crashes with vehicles in the other lanes that happen to turn at the same time.

What you should do is first turn in your lane, and then indicate that you want to change lanes.

Final Thoughts

Driving mistakes can cost you a lot, sometimes your own life. This is why you should be a responsible driver and avoid making mistakes. The mistakes presented in this article are some of the most common ones – therefore, make sure you avoid them.

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